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CHU Clermont-Ferrand

CHU Clermont-Ferrand is co-founder of BUSI innovation entrepreneurship incubator.
A university hospital with a mission to provide clinical education and medical school training to future doctors.
Clermont-Ferrand CHU thus logically shares ties with the Auvergne University's medicine, pharmacy and dentistry faculties. Right from the third year of medical school, medical students, pharmacy students and dentistry students all complete internships in the CHU’s hospital wards and departments.
It is a prominent research hub.
CHU doctors are also researchers. Research led at the CHU is led by the regional DRCI [Delegation for clinical research and innovation].
The CHU is also engaged in vocational training, with 10 schools and colleges: 
  • Paramedic training college (IFA)
  • Paediatric nursing assistant training college (IFAP)
  • Patient care assistant training college (IFAS)
  • Nursing training college (IFSI)
  • Radiologic technologist training college (IFMEM)
  • School of midwifery (ESF)
  • School of paediatric nursing (EP)
  • School of nurse anaesthesia (EIA)
  • School of intensive care unit nursing (EIBO)
  • Healthcare supervisor training college (IFCS)
Lastly, the CHU’s mission also extends to preventive health:
through focal committees like the ‘CLAN’ diet and nutrition interlinkages committee that promotes good food and diet practices or the ‘CLIN’ hospital-acquired infection prevention policy committee, and through organizations set up specifically to educate on therapy management issues in specific disease settings like diabetes.


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